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"300" is a Flawed and Dangerous Iniiative

The ballot measure (fully given in the link above) is deceptive. It pretends as if "300" will solve our housing problems, that it will increase our housing stock by one simple stroke:

But here is what it really says,

PLEASE NOTE: The above means that any home can be divided into several 70 sq ft bedrooms; each can be rented out separately. Plus one means that for n bedrooms (n+1) persons can live in that home

But at what cost. Our neighborhoods represent different periods of our history. That is why they hug Broadway up and down foothills and along Baseline. Mapleton, Downtown, University Hill, Martin Acres, Table Mesa appear prominently (highlighted in yellow in the Zoning map at the next link). They are our history. They are protected through RL-1 zoning.

Make no mistake, the hidden agenda of the 300 initiative is to undo RL-1 zones. The initiative is funded by out of state landlords, as docmented in a letter to the Daily Camera a week or so ago.

I urge you to read the information in the following pages and visit the parent website "no on 300" linked to the top of this page.

Our community is Boulder is being tested. The activism is inspiring unity and bringing us closer together. Let us cherish this fight and seek to win.